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Welcome to Sarah Hogan's Photography

Welcome to Sarah Hogan's Photography


Making Memories

I try to see things the way you as the customer would like to remember the moment. Whether it be your Senior Session and the light hits your hair just right, or your Wedding and your Groom looks at you while you are looking away and you can see how much he adores you. Telling a story is my main goal. 

Our Approach

My Approach....hummm I think I'm a little unorthodox. If I'm taking pictures of your child, I may be making the most ridiculous noises and faces you have ever seen. If I'm at your Wedding I try to blend in to the background so the day can be all about you and not about the lady running around yelling out commands. Thats not my cup of tea. I would say my approach is adaptable. I tend to adapt to the situation of the session.  

What to Expect

So...you are probably like lady, what are you trying to tell me. Basically I will stand on my head if I have to to get the perfect picture for the perfect moment. You will leave feeling like you made a friend, I will treat you and your family like they are the most important people to me. You will have an amazing experience and I promise you will leave with a smile. Unless your child is crying... then you may leave crying too. But, you will smile when you see the pictures I did end up capturing. 

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